CFDD 2014 Advisor Conference

Inner Circle TeleConference Program


Growth Opportunities For Specialists

The mature retirement plans market was becoming more susceptible to regulation, legislation, litigation and consolidation even before the financial crisis. As a result of the unprecedented wealth destruction, the scrutiny and challenges facing the retirement market have increased dramatically. While this poses major problems for generalists, the changing dynamics will benefit specialists.

Traditional retirement plan opportunities are limited, but non-traditional opportunities still exist. Indeed, the opportunities for fee-based specialists with scale, efficiency, collateral resources and the right sales approach are huge. In addition to other non-traditional opportunities, the CFDD expects a decade-long bull market in broker-of-record consolidation.


Spearheading Advisor Growth & BOR Consolidation

Consistent with these themes, the CFDD is launching a new Inner Circle TeleConference Program.  The ongoing teleconference series is designed for the sole purpose of helping advisors turn opportunities into new sales.  Staffing appropriately, managing for efficiency and limiting liability are all important, but growth is the only solution to the challenges facing the industry today.

By providing unbiased guidance, unique tools, resources and psychological selling strategies to motivate plan sponsors, the CFDD will facilitate the escalation of broker-of-record consolidation. The CFDD’s new online ERISA Advisor Evaluation tool for plan sponsors will also facilitate BOR consolidation.


Unique Tools, Resources & Technical Support

To stay in the game, advisors must stay abreast of the tactics and strategies used by other specialists pursuing BOR consolidation business. Many of our new consolidation tools and resources will be introduced at the CFDD’s October 5-7, 2009 Advisor Conference:  Adapt, Survive & Prosper:  A Bull Market In BOR Consolidation.

The CFDD’s advisor-centric conference remains distinguished by rich content and advisor attendance, i.e., more accomplished retirement plan advisors attend our conference than any other industry event by a wide margin. To register for the conference, go to:

Although the CFDD has competitors, most are political organizations, lobbyist groups, designation providers, award bestowers or in the news business.  None offer time tested solutions for sales growth.  The CFDD’s Inner Circle TeleConference Program will fill this void and help specialists increase their market share.

As a visionary think tank type of organization, the independent & uncompromised  CFDD will leverage its immense network of intellectual capital and provide contemporary strategies to help advisors generate new business.


Pricing & Access

Many of the teleconference topics will include multiple sixty minute modules. Each session will be recorded, archived and remain accessible 24/7.

While registration is required, each teleconference session is available without cost. However, the presentation slide downloads (more detailed than those used in the teleconference) are only available to those who register and attend the CFDD’s annual Advisor Conference. The teleconference logon information required to access the downloads will expire six months after each Advisor Conference.


Topic Suggestions & Sponsorships

As a networking organization, your input for teleconference structure and suggested topics are more than welcome. 

Vendors interested in sponsoring individual teleconference sessions should contact the CFDD by phone at (630) 662-0284 or by email at: In addition to teleconference exposure, sponsoring vendors will receive complimentary banner ads on the CFDD’s website and in our e-mail newsletter.  The website experiences over 100,000 page visits per month and the newsletter is beamed out to a highly targeted audience of over 30,000. 

To stay abreast of the CFDD’s new Inner Circle TeleConference Program developments, please revisit this page in the weeks ahead.


CFDD InnerCircle TeleConference Sessions

The teleconference program’s clearly defined steps will elevate industry standards and provide building blocks for business development. In addition to identifying opportunities, we will provide prospecting and sales tips.We will also provide technical expertise through our Dream Teams of advisor friendly experts.  Although the highly ethical team members will vary by topic, they will all be available for collaborative work.

The Inner Circle TeleConference Program will be an ongoing series of teleconferences, but our initial focus will be on the topics below:

Click on the TeleConference Topic To View the Session, Download the Slides & View Sponsor Material

TeleConference Topic Sponsor Date
Broker-Of-Record Consolidation Series: New York Life RPS  
Why BOR Consolidation
The New Business Model
A Profitable Approach To Small Plans
  To Be Announced
Effective Marketing & Sales Strategies
  To Be Announced
Protecting Assets, Clients & Your Practice
  To Be Announced
Participant Advice Solutions   To Be Announced
Benchmarking For Sales   To Be Announced
Plan Design As A Sales Tool   To Be Announced
Targeting Professional Practices   To Be Announced
Customized QDIA Asset Allocation Solutions   To Be Announced
Evaluating Retirement Plan Advisors   To Be Announced
ETFs & Retirement Plans   To Be Announced
Advisor Practice Mergers, Acquisitions & Alliances   To Be Announced
Pensionization Of Individual Assets   To Be Announced
Not-For Profit Opportunities   To Be Announced
DB Plan Consulting New York Life RPS To Be Announced
DB Plan Termination   To Be Announced
Retirement Income   To Be Announced
Wealth Planning & Relationship Alpha   To Be Announced


System Requirements
To view system requirements for viewing the TeleConference, Click HERE.

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